The new system of Foods with Function Claims has been introduced in 2015 in Japan. This is different from Foods for Specified Health Uses and Foods with Nutrient Function Claims. RAPID provides regulatory support for companies want to enter a new field of supplements Japan market in compliance with the food labeling standards and PMD Act (former Japanese Pharmaceutical Law).

What are Foods with Function Claims?

Foods with function claims are functional labeling systems for foods that was introduced in April 2015 and are different from food for specified health uses (FOSHU) and functional nutritional food. To sell foods with function claims, at the responsibility of operator, it is necessary to label the functionality on the food according to scientific basis and notify the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency before selling.

To be labeled as Foods with Functional Claims
would be significantly improve sales in Japan.

RAPID will assist reducing your development costs and improve sales.

  • We provide support for making submission documents with reasonable price.
  • You can make a label with the specified health effects can be achieved (i.e., helpful for maintaining and promoting health) such as “Helps maintain good GI condition” or “Slows fat absorption.”
  • We can offer consultation with professional knowledge when you do not have enough time for research and development.
  • If you want to differentiate products from competitors, it is possible to be labeled with a function claim which is based on scientific evidence.
  • Consumers can make a product choice without misunderstanding the information.

RAPID provides services for consultation on industry lowest price.
Our specialized team have the expertise to support for the food labeling standards and
PMD Act (former Japanese Pharmaceutical Law) in compliance with the law.Please feel free to contact us for consultation and quotation.

Procedures Required for
Marketing Foods with Function Claims

Evaluation of the Claimed Effect *

There are two ways to provide scientific evidence when evaluating a claimed effect.

  • Systematic Literature Reviews
    Performing a literature search by following certain rules and evaluating the data comprehensively.
  • 01Retrieving and Filtering Literature

    The authors of a systematic literature review retrieve research papers by searching databases that contain articles on such as clinical trials and observational studies* related to the claimed effect of the finished product or the functional substances in the finished product according to a pre-defined methodological approach prepared by the authors. It is not acceptable to intentionally retrieve only studies reporting favorable results in relation to the claimed effect. *Studies that involve human subjects and evaluate the effects of consumption of a certain substance or food on health outcomes.

  • 02Scientifically Evaluating the Claimed Effect

    All retrieved studies are filtered by assessing against inclusion/exclusion criteria such as characteristics of finished product, target population, a proposed claim, etc. Those studies that meet the pre-determined criteria are then grouped according to whether or not their results support the effectiveness of the finished product or the functional substances.

  • 03Disclosing the Evaluation Process and Results

    The totality of evidence on the claimed effect of finished product or functional substances should be considered by taking all favorable, unfavorable, and equivocal results together. To permit reproducibility of the systematic literature review, all of the processes of the systematic literature review, such as used databases, set of keywords, the inclusion/exclusion criteria, and the title of excluded studies, need to be thoroughly documented and submitted.

  • Clinical Trials
  • Clinical trials are conducted in humans to examine the functionality, safety, and other aspects of the final product. This is performed based on a clinical trial protocol prepared using statistical techniques to confirm the effect of the displayed functionality, and at the same time, the safety of the product can be confirmed. It will be an important test for safer and more appropriate use.
    The contents of trials will be considered scientifically and ethically by the Ethics Review Board established to protect the rights of those participating in trials and the trial will be started after it has been approved.
    In this way, it is not only time-consuming to carry out the trial, and it is also costly to carry out the trial for humans. On the other hand, it works very effectively as an evidence to prove the functionality and safety of the product. It will be possible to respond in clinical trials when systematic reviews are difficult in areas where less literature has been published or research has not progressed.


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